The Difference

Our People

During challenging situations people want to talk to people. Automation and artificial intelligence work for commoditized service but not every situation allows for it. SDS believes in Human Intelligence and its power to both comfort and analyze.

We clear the deck for our team members to focus on the situation at hand and the customer by automating as many administrative tasks as possible.  This allows for our team members to spend more time listening to your customer and finding solutions. 

Our difference is our people. 


SDS is not focused on the size of its network of service providers, instead we prioritize the quality of our partner providers.

Specialized doesn’t use a “Vendor Management Team”, instead we focus on establishing personal relationships between partner service providers and our care team.  This allows for clear communications, established expectations, and collaborative problem solving.

SDS elects to work with providers that maintain an additional level of customer care, excellent skills, and the necessary equipment to better handle specialty assets and special customers. Our care team’s experience and knowledge, along with the performance of each provider, combines to assign the best provider to each given situation.

We believe that everyone in the cycle of providing service to the customer is an equal.  We believe that if you want professional, high-quality service, you have to be willing to pay for it.  We believe that our partnered Service Providers are the tip of the spear.  Without them, no customer is taken care of.


Specialized believes in the integrated use of “HI” (Human Intelligence) and technology. Our automations and integrations are focused around making the administrative functions of our services efficient and accurate. This means our care team can focus more on the event at hand, communicating with your customer, and ensuring clear communication to the chosen service provider partner.

We have built our specialized platform is different than most others. Instead of using a “shotgun” approach to reach out to a large number of providers in a “network”, we use technology that identifies the best provider for the job and location.

Our database also matches the Event Type with the Asset Type. From there it is “Explored” against our database to identify only those providers that have the proper skills and equipment. Then chooses the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Providers based on our internal partnership rules and the rules of the program.

Data sharing is also extremely important to us. SDS is a huge proponent of data, better data in means better data out.  We know how valuable data can be. Our practices and systems allow us to provide event data down to levels you may have never seen with a Roadside or Dispatch provider. Over time, we can help you to better understand the utilization and expenses of your assets that may also help you in the pricing of your products.